Lending 100% Pure Helping Hands

Greetings folks.

This post is not about health but instead is about lending a helping hand, which is better health for humanity in a way. Too many of us in the developed world are unaware of the great trials that occur in developing or undeveloped countries.  The plight is grave and for some so much so that they are willing to brave the tumultuous ocean for a chance for a better life.

The island of Lampedusa has become to Italy what Ellis Island was to so many immigrants of the United States, a safe haven and beacon of hope. Unfortunately, the voyage to Lampedusa for many migrants is filled with uncertainty and danger.  Each year more and more persons fleeing conflict and poverty from Bangladesh, Egypt, Libya, and Syria risk the perils of the ocean in unworthy vessels for a chance of a safer and better life in Europe.

There are more and more articles being written and movies being created to emphasize the need to get us all The Piroguethe basic needs of life so that these dangerous missions can stop occurring. The Pirogue is a 2012 Senegalese drama film directed by Moussa Toure that does a fantastic job of placing the viewer in the midst of one of these hopeful, suicidal missions.

Unfortunately, most of the patrons will not make it to the end of the journey and often result in children becoming orphans in an unknown land and all alone. In less than six months, over 26,000 persons have migrated to Italy; many of them, too many of them, are children orphaned from the deadly voyage and some who were always traveling alone. The figures are so staggering this year that Save the Children Italy has stated there are not adequate facilities to accommodate and protect them.

Source: Daily UKThere is a way to help these migrant children; at least some of them. A probable solution to assist the innocent children of tomorrow’s generation has been created by Alton D* Terry. Never Give-up Your Dreams (NGYD), currently based in Rome, Italy, is an artistic initiative that uses creativity to benefit causes specific to a community.

NGYD is a vehicle that contains music, illustrations, texts and other art forms that help to tell a story of an experience by which the artists have been touched. It is a vessel of inspiration. It is the multiple perceptions of life that allows us to understand a world beyond our own. It is the hope that one day, our lives will be an inspiration to others. It is our language. It is our story. It is our heart. It is our dream. A dream on which we will never give up.

The NGYD mission is to use art to make a positive difference in our world. By working in concert with a community (politicians, artists, humanitarian associations, etc…) we can address and collectively work to resolve an issue  that is specific to their community.

While we need governments around the globe to band together and get to the source of the problem, every day persons like you and I can contribute $14 (10 Euros), or more if you like, to produce a unique set of events to raise funds through Save the Children in Rome, Italy to aid the migrant children of Lampedusa, Italy.

The first event, The Bittersweet Challenge, is a fun event in hopes of getting more people to understand that we are all more alike than different and invites the public to taste 100% pure chocolate in an attempt to withstand its bitterness.  From trial events, participates came to realize that common reactions brought about a sense of togetherness with the persons next to them even if they did not know the person.  Soon the ice was broken with laughter and excitement from the experience.  This is the type of bonds that we need on an everyday and global basis.

The second event, 100%,is a three-day event that combines a chocolate festival, photo exhibition, storytelling and concerts of original NGYD music.

100% Pic

The final event in this series, I Am,is an event that combines original music and stories of NGYD with the music and traditions of the Italian Pizzica.

All profits made from activities and donations will go directly to Save the Children and the migrant children of Lampedusa, Italy.

I hope you will join me in Lending 100% Pure Helping Hands.


hand pic

Moderation and Balance

Tasting a rose flavored macaron for the first time

Tasting a rose flavored macaron for the first time

 Many people are surprised at how much I absolutely LOVE cookies, cupcakes and my new dessert favorite, macarons. They often ask, “how are you the health advocate?” Sometimes I get, “but you are the health nut!” Yes. I am. I am also the junior cookie monster and macaron thief. Being health conscious does not mean sugar has to become the evil villain but rather you have learned to listen to the requests of your body and practice moderation and balance in fulfilling those requests. Let me explain.

The tongue is sensitive to five basic, well known tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and savory and we have to appeal to all of these receptors to be completely satisfied. Think about this, how many times have you craved something sweet after eating something salty?

Ever been curious as to why some drinks are better paired with certain foods? Why does baking recipes require salt when baking a sweet? Interested to know the reasoning behind coursed meals? After sweating profusely, have you noticed the need for salt? All the answers lead to your taste bud receptors.

Cravings are usually an indication that your body needs something for one reason or another whether hormonal imbalances, exercise exertions, nutrient deficiencies, etc. This is not to give allowance or acceptance for over indulgence. I should never in one sitting eat a whole family size bag of potato chips, or a tub of ice cream or drink all the ounces of soda or wine. It really is all about moderation and balance to enjoy everything out there. Occasional, “vacation or celebratory” gluttony may be okay IF it is not the norm and you do not have any health issues that an occasional over indulgence will affect.

We are all different and we all have different preferences of taste just as we may prefer one  color over another. I personally think all red wines and all beers taste EXACTLY the same; however, I can clearly and easily notice differences in red velvet cupcakes! The person next to me may have the reverse taste. You have to learn your body, learn your tastes and desires in order to have proper balance in your diet and in your treats; but keeping treats as treats is the key.

One primary reason the United States is plagued by obesity and an onset of related health concerns is because treats are now the norm. I remember the days eating out was a reward for good grades or birthday. Children today are always eating from drive through windows. Adults eat most lunch meals from an establishment close to work. The developed world of consuming has consumed itself right into heart disease, clogged arteries, high cholesterol and diabetes. It is time to take the simple steps back to well balanced meals and edible pleasures.

Some steps to get back on track (or remain on track) include:

  • cooking and preparing meals the night before
  • treats to include more fruits
  • eat less of sugary treats (try 3 cookies versus 6)
  • a handful of nuts versus a whole bag
  • swap out ice cream for a smoothie
  • schedule which days you will eat out
  • create self challenges to earn treats

I am a numbers person, so my trick is to set a budget and once that budget has been expended the treats are over until next month.  I have also taken an interest in experimenting with more cooking methods which also helps.

There are countless ways to do better, you have to find what works best for your lifestyle, body type, tastes and desires.

Be health conscious. Enjoy your treats.



Raw Maca Organic Powder

I want more energy. More positive, natural energy and have recently been introduced to (and ordered)  Raw Organic Maca Powder known as the Peruvian Ginseng.

Having many vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins and tannins Maca Root has been used for energy, hormonal balancing and youthfulness.  It works by enhancing the functions of the glands, which in turn leads to regulation of how the body reacts.

Maca back

Our bodies use hormones for literally everything and being afflicted with hormonal imbalance is frustrating and time consuming when attempting to pin point exactly which hormone has the issue. I have heard a few situations of detrimental expense of time and money going to hormonal specialists, and many times there is no true resolve but rather a patch up.

Why do we prefer to bandage rather than heal? Time I guess although the “quick fixes” are really the time thieves. Wouldn’t it be easier to try to heal the entire system? Effortlessly? I think so; at least it is worth a try.

Currently, not having hormonal concerns, I am more interested in the regulation of all my body’s functions ESPECIALLY when it comes to proper rest, sleep and energy.  The hot weather is finally here and I desire to fully enjoy it!Maca side

Of course, being Nursed by Nature takes time. I am curious to know how long it will take before I notice a difference. I do know that adding Maca powder to my diet is much better for me, and my wallet, than purchasing various energy drinks. I must admit, I do love the 5-hour energy guy, “I can jog and knit a sweater while recording my debut album” That commercial was awesome 🙂

Still I am hoping that this Peruvian ginseng will do the trick. Wait. Not a trick, the healing.

Looking forward to adding small amounts into my smoothies and made from scratch desserts for my natural energy boost of Maca powder.


I used to wear glasses.

Then I got hip and got LASIK and while I LOVE IT, I do miss having something on my face.  I even push up on my nose like there is something sliding lol. What is a lady to do? Wear non prescip glasses? Maybe. Wait a minute. Sunglasses. Shades. Coo-coos (as my mother claims I used to call them as child). Plus I will be outside a lot getting my vitamin D. Perfect!

bus shades

And that is what I did. I will admit, I am one of those “$5 is good enough for shades” but now that I am more into this I am willing to spend a bit more for a great pair. But where to begin? Too many options.

things of 5Then I found Warby Parker.  Not only do they have shades, they also have glasses (just in case I do just want frames) and BEST OF ALL they have a buy a pair, give a pair program! Yes, I can be fashionable AND charitable!

The buy a pair, give a pair program works in two cool ways. One: provide jobs to low or no income entrepreneurs who can then sell affordable frames to persons in their communities who typically would have no access at all to needed glasses. Two: the program gives glasses to those in need, so these persons who receives this blessing in now able to educate themselves and work to better their lives and the lives of their families. LOVE LOVE LOVE

I know how it feels to not have 20/20 or anything close to it. To be able to assist my fellow man, or woman, or child to get perfect vision makes my heart flutter.

Company from which to purchase: CHECK.  Help change our world: CHECK.


This is where Warby Parker gets better. Since they have so many fabulous frames to choose from, there is a fantastic Home Try On program that allows you to pick five frames, that will be mailed to your front door free of charge, you look amazing for five days, and return free of charge! How can you not love that?

I was like a child when I say my box leaning against my front door. I tried them all on immediately.warbyhometryon

The quality of all were very nice but two caught my eye. I found that three were an absolute no. Frames must match my face.  The great thing is I can try all over again with a new five to try. When I finally make a selection, I will order AND also help someone in need to get prescrip glasses. Oh, the joy that fills my heart.

Now as for you, leave me a comment and tell me which pair you like on me.

AND THEN head to Warby Parker and select your five to try on. I guarantee that you will enjoy this experience.  In fact, if you are anything like me, you are going to have a hard time narrowing your selection to only 5.