One-Two Mosquito Punch

Ever wonder why you were chosen for that mosquito’s recent meal?

Top reasons: dark colored clothes, perfumes/colognes,  high body temperatures, sweating, drinking alcoholic beverages and sitting near fire or light. Oh yeah, also your breath. Those same reasons are also what make up the family barbecue. YIKES! There has to be a way to enjoy nice, sunny weather outside without becoming an insect barbecue. OF COURSE THERE IS and it is natural and cheap too.

Fresh, clean MINTY breath will help keep mosquitoes away. Flies will also be kept at bay. Yes. Believe it. (Mint just became more than just about talking to that cutie across the way didn’t it?)

Without getting into all the science, just know that your breath and sweat can be reasons you are an open platter fest for insects, particularly mosquitoes. With all our technology, we should take Mother Nature’s hand for this one. Go ahead. Grab your smartphone instead. There is no app for that!

However, there is Mint! With its many varieties, the popular peppermint, spearmint and lavender (I did not know it was a mint either, neat huh?) can lend a hand so you will be scent invisible to insects this Spring and Summer.  Not to mention, mint helps keep temperatures down. Try it for yourself. Pop a stick of mint gum in your mouth. Does it not feel cooler?  Mmhmm, told you. Trust me.

Continue to de-magnetize your attraction to mosquitoes by wearing light colored clothes (they do love dark colors), think twice about spraying that new fragrance and be minty fresh all Summer long.

Last May, my job sent my supervisor and I to Kenya and Zimbabwe for two weeks. I did carry a name brand repellent in my suitcase as a backup. Guess what happened. Supervisor took it. I never used it! Not one spray. She was being eaten alive. For some reason, people only trust name brands and chemicals now; but I was incredibly protected in the bushes of Lodwar, Kenya with my simple, moisturizing concoction of Shea butter, Citronella oil and Spearmint oil.  I gave those skeeters the ole one-two punch.

Repellent Shea

Super simple, add a few drops of mint oil to your soap, lotions and/or sunblock. Another alternative is to combine water and oils in a bottle, shake, spray, enjoy the outside. Repeat after a couple hours if sweating or swimming. How much oil to add? It does not matter. As long as you can smell the oils, you are covered. Do not get carried away though, one half ounce bottle of any essential oil should last you all Summer.  Have a Mint plant nearby? You can pick a leaf, crush it and rub on your skin.

Mints* also help to keep away fleas, ants, mice and rats! Natural repellents are definitely the way to go. If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out what the Smithsonian says about it.

My advice, Fight the Mosquito Bite with Citronella oil and give ‘em the ole One-Two Mosquito punch with Mint oils.

*Mints are not to be used on the eyelids as is the latest teen craze. This is dangerous to eyesight.



2 thoughts on “One-Two Mosquito Punch

  1. I’m sold. Bought my oils and I’ve just survived the Carolina jungle. No bites at all…thx Nursed By Nature!!!


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