Mellow Out Emotional Muscles

I have absolutely not one drop of knowledge as to want deems someone a saint. I am greatly confused as to the events that a pope considers to make someone an official saint. With that being said, my personal definition of a saint is one whose selfless acts continue even when they have passed on.  This is the case with Dani.  She is still working by continuing to connect people who may have never met otherwise. Growing a new friendship that not only helps us to feel closer to her but also as new friends are able to enjoy the presence of similar interests and share information that may help our lives become a little bit easier.

Our mutual friend and my new buddy kicks major butt on the Atlanta Phoenix Professional Women’s Football team. I have not told her so, but I once thought of playing for the Jacksonville Dixie Blues. Surprise! Even more of a surprise to me is that the Atlanta Phoenix just beat Jacksonville Dixie Blues with a score of 12-10. I have mixed emotions on that! But I digress.

     Dixie Blues     199699_1474720447022_1551867_n    190410_1474720847032_5446878_n

Phoenix         892078_506281196085697_2107421509_o

Combined with sadness from Dani not being able to physically introduce us, some days my buddy also has some major soar muscles. I mean, you can see they are playing real tackle football; none of that pull flag stuff. So I suggest a relaxing remedy of:

  • Jojoba oil (interesting fact, this is really a wax) – 2 ounces
    • To help with the spreading of the oils and improvement of skin
  • Rosemary essential oil — 8 drops
    • Stimulating and helps to stay focused and alert, reduces aches and muscle cramping
  • Peppermint essential oil — 4 drops
    • Increases circulation, reduces pain, inflammation and fatigue, boosts mood
  • Orange essential oil — 4 drops
    • Calming and emotionally uplifting
  • Lavender essential oil — 4 drops
    • Helps with aches, fatigue, is uplifting, creates happier mood

This combination will essentially mellow out her emotions AND her muscles. The instructions are easy: massage into muscles after a workout or anytime your muscles feel strained or sore to reduce inflammation and increase circulation.

Via sense of smell, these scents affect the nervous system and a calm nervous system in turn calms muscles, reducing tension and pain. Consider this: many headaches are caused by muscle tension in the neck and shoulders so an added benefit is to also reduce headaches.

The great thing about making your own easy, economical, essential I natural remedy is that you can customize it as much as you need. If you do not have jojoba, use coconut or olive oil. Any carrier oil can be substituted. Do not like peppermint, use spearmint or do not use a mint at all or decrease the amount. Hate orange? Use lemon or lime or grapefruit to CUSTOMIZE FOR YOU. Even use has many options: without the carrier oil, can be used as an inhaler, within a diffuser as aromatherapy. Pick your healing resolution.  The possibilities are limitless!

Being that spring is here and prayerfully the warm weather will finally show up and stick around, I am sure many of us will engage in new activities that may cause headaches, muscle tension and possibly even some emotional distress. Rest assured though. Have confidence and keep your head in the game because with this simple recipe of “aches and tears be gone” you will be prepared to Mellow Out your Emotional Muscles.




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