Cinnamon and Vinegar: Quite the Pair, Part 1 of 2

Recently landed at Dulles Airport and jet lagged but still eager to share with you two topics that came up in two drastically different countries of Liberia and Belgium: cinnamon and vinegar.

How do cinnamon and vinegar correlate? Only by being totally awesome, natural and having too many benefits to possibly name all at once! (Imagine the sound of spoken excitement with a high pitch voice please.)

It all began in Liberia with a simple purchase of cinnamon sticks from a local grocery store. Traveling with an inquisitive boss, she asked what I purchased. Of course, there would be more questions but this time her inquisitiveness became a very important informative I hope she will utilize.

Upon her “why?” I informed her that first, the price was cheaper AND cinnamon is likely nature’s greatest odor neutralizer which I frequently use that to make my apartment smell nice and cozy; although, it also makes me want to bake!  No wonder that is a common fragrance during the fall and winter.
cinnamon cup and stick

I learned from my sister that a simple simmering of cinnamon on the stove and you can easily rid the smell of seafood, onions, burned food and smoke.  I just love its smell.  Can’t you just imagine the refreshing scent of cinnamon now?

My boss then asked about covering the smell of ammonia!!! I declare… does she know me at all? My immediate response “why are you using ammonia?! I use vinegar to clean.” (To be continued in Cinnamon and Vinegar: Quite the Pair, Part 2 of 2)

Besides cinnamon’s awesome power of freshness, it also has many medicinal benefits.

I have a younger cousin who was diagnosed with diabetes a few years back.  During a conversation she mentioned that the prescriptions were expensive and she had to have them four times per month. After a little research, I found that simply increasing her intake of cinnamon would help control sugar and insulin levels. She did so, also eating more blueberries cause they fight diabetes too, and she soon only needed her meds once per month! A direct quote from her recently, “I don’t take the pills anymore AT ALL!! The cinnamon helps control it a lot. I take the insulin on a sliding scale.” I am sharing what I know works folk from personal experiences.

Besides my cousin, my mother was borderline diabetic but once informed, I refused to sit back and watch her add another chemical to her body. With firm insisting, she began her frequent cinnamon intake and lets just say her doctor is still in disbelief that not only is she nowhere close to being diabetic, it is as if it was never an issue. Thanks cinnamon 🙂

Now, they both were newly diagnosed; therefore I cannot attest to the effects of cinnamon for a person with long-term diabetes but I am certain that any diabetic will show some improvement.

Properties of cinnamon are many and quite diverse. Whether you use the powder, essential oil or sticks, you are bound to find numerous uses including:

  • Odor neutralizer
  • Preventing or improving diabetic concerns
  • Baking, cooking, tea
  • Deterring insects (bed bugs and roaches to name a couple)
  • Treats specific female only or male only ailments
  • Mood improver

Health benefits also include treating colds, infections, muscle spasms and is an excellent source of minerals.

During the second and fun part of my trip in Belgium, I was again able to share some benefits of cinnamon with a new friend and now I share with you.

Go ahead. Get that cinnamon out of the cupboard and put it to healthy use.

 cinnamon bowl and stick

Have a question about cinnamon use? Just do a little research or feel free to email



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