The Continued Battle with Bed Bugs

One frustrating component of sharing advice is when the listener,or reader,  did not truly listen/read; or maybe understand. Did they truly listen or simply hear?  While I communicated was I mis-communicating?

Recently I was contacted again by a follower (thank you ALL very much) about her losing Battle of Bed Bugs.  The complaint was that all thought she had purchased the essential oils and had oil all over the bed, still she Bed Bugand her husband were victims of “vampire” bites.  I was confused by this and asked the following questions (her responses in italics):

  • Which oils are you using and are they essential? I don’t know; whichever ones you said.
  • Where did you purchase them? From some store.
  • How are you applying the oil? I have oils everywhere, even on bed posts.

Let us get this cleared for everyone.  It is essential to purchase real, pure essential oils and you should be certain that you are purchasing the correct oil for the home remedy you are attempting.  Vendor is of grave important, because what they may be selling may not be an essential oil at all.  I recall my attempt at cooperative economics and solicited an independent seller for lavender.  He did not have any at the time and when he did it was dark green! “Ugh, Sir? Essential lavender oil is certainly not green and it should smell like, you know, lavender.” I typically purchase online, but if you do buy in store, make sure the oil is real please.

Application is also important because some oils stain, there are possible allergies, etc that must be taken into consideration.

Think about this: rubbing toothpaste on your lips will not brush your teeth and give you fresh breath!  My suggestions were to place double sided tape on the bed posts to snag bed bugs if they attempted to crawl there. The same theory as fly paper.  The suggestion was not to rub oils all over the bed frame.

It should all be clarified that essential oil mixtures will not exterminate bed bugs. The essential oil mixtures are a deterrent, an insect repellent to keep you from being bitten; if your home is compromised currently, then you have to eradicate them THEN the home remedy repellent will keep them from returning.  I also suggest the purchase of light colored bedding so they could be easily seen if returned. Prior to extermination, use of essential oils will only assist to drive them out of their hiding places IF the oils are placed near their hiding places.  Once you see the culprits, squeeze those suckers to end their horrible biting lives (be sure to wash your hands afterwards).

Natural ingredients that assist in extermination of bed bugs include:

  • Rubbing alcohol. It is said this will kill them on the spot but be warned some are tougher than others.
  • Steaming. There are rentable machines and some fancy irons that hoses can be attached to and then cracks, crevices, and dark places can be blasted with steam.
  • Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is a natural dehydrating substance that attaches to the bed bugs and dehydrates them which ends in death.  Non-toxic to humans and pets, disastrous for insects with exoskeletons.  The Environmental Protect Agency does not recommend but chemicals are not working either, hence the recent national summits on the matter.
  • Tea tree oil can be mixed with water to eradicate these bugs as well.

The fact is that typical pesticides are not 100 percent to work. Neither is do-it-yourself remedies. The difference is that home remedies are less likely to cause harm to you and your family.  Home remedies certainly won’t damage your budget.  In the end, with the epidemic of bed bugs you will need to engage in patience, lots of patience and be very thorough in your search to clear them out.

That is about all folk. When taking advice we have to be sure listen, ensure understanding, and ask ask ask more questions.  I hope this helps those of us out there fighting in the battle of the bed bugs.


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