I used to wear glasses.

Then I got hip and got LASIK and while I LOVE IT, I do miss having something on my face.  I even push up on my nose like there is something sliding lol. What is a lady to do? Wear non prescip glasses? Maybe. Wait a minute. Sunglasses. Shades. Coo-coos (as my mother claims I used to call them as child). Plus I will be outside a lot getting my vitamin D. Perfect!

bus shades

And that is what I did. I will admit, I am one of those “$5 is good enough for shades” but now that I am more into this I am willing to spend a bit more for a great pair. But where to begin? Too many options.

things of 5Then I found Warby Parker.  Not only do they have shades, they also have glasses (just in case I do just want frames) and BEST OF ALL they have a buy a pair, give a pair program! Yes, I can be fashionable AND charitable!

The buy a pair, give a pair program works in two cool ways. One: provide jobs to low or no income entrepreneurs who can then sell affordable frames to persons in their communities who typically would have no access at all to needed glasses. Two: the program gives glasses to those in need, so these persons who receives this blessing in now able to educate themselves and work to better their lives and the lives of their families. LOVE LOVE LOVE

I know how it feels to not have 20/20 or anything close to it. To be able to assist my fellow man, or woman, or child to get perfect vision makes my heart flutter.

Company from which to purchase: CHECK.  Help change our world: CHECK.


This is where Warby Parker gets better. Since they have so many fabulous frames to choose from, there is a fantastic Home Try On program that allows you to pick five frames, that will be mailed to your front door free of charge, you look amazing for five days, and return free of charge! How can you not love that?

I was like a child when I say my box leaning against my front door. I tried them all on immediately.warbyhometryon

The quality of all were very nice but two caught my eye. I found that three were an absolute no. Frames must match my face.  The great thing is I can try all over again with a new five to try. When I finally make a selection, I will order AND also help someone in need to get prescrip glasses. Oh, the joy that fills my heart.

Now as for you, leave me a comment and tell me which pair you like on me.

AND THEN head to Warby Parker and select your five to try on. I guarantee that you will enjoy this experience.  In fact, if you are anything like me, you are going to have a hard time narrowing your selection to only 5.










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