Raw Maca Organic Powder

I want more energy. More positive, natural energy and have recently been introduced to (and ordered)  Raw Organic Maca Powder known as the Peruvian Ginseng.

Having many vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins and tannins Maca Root has been used for energy, hormonal balancing and youthfulness.  It works by enhancing the functions of the glands, which in turn leads to regulation of how the body reacts.

Maca back

Our bodies use hormones for literally everything and being afflicted with hormonal imbalance is frustrating and time consuming when attempting to pin point exactly which hormone has the issue. I have heard a few situations of detrimental expense of time and money going to hormonal specialists, and many times there is no true resolve but rather a patch up.

Why do we prefer to bandage rather than heal? Time I guess although the “quick fixes” are really the time thieves. Wouldn’t it be easier to try to heal the entire system? Effortlessly? I think so; at least it is worth a try.

Currently, not having hormonal concerns, I am more interested in the regulation of all my body’s functions ESPECIALLY when it comes to proper rest, sleep and energy.  The hot weather is finally here and I desire to fully enjoy it!Maca side

Of course, being Nursed by Nature takes time. I am curious to know how long it will take before I notice a difference. I do know that adding Maca powder to my diet is much better for me, and my wallet, than purchasing various energy drinks. I must admit, I do love the 5-hour energy guy, “I can jog and knit a sweater while recording my debut album” That commercial was awesome 🙂

Still I am hoping that this Peruvian ginseng will do the trick. Wait. Not a trick, the healing.

Looking forward to adding small amounts into my smoothies and made from scratch desserts for my natural energy boost of Maca powder.


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