Welcome to a blog dedicated to getting back to naturally taking care of our bodies easily, economically and with nature’s essentials. Nursed by Nature is a desire to share home remedies with those who may not have the time to commit to find real solutions to various ailments or even simple prevention.

Who is the blogger? A researcher and writer aiming to have a healthier lifestyle immersed in natural nutrition who is a person just like you, with days filled with work and family and not enough personal time but does not want to get lost into the swiftness of American society and forget to care for self.


yoga in park

That’s me, doing yoga in the park.



This blog is dedicated to the memory of Danielle “Dani” Dunlap


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love this Thanks for sharing your love for natural care. But i am curious (and I hope that I am not being inappropriate) on what happened to your beautiful friend Dani?


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